Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rust Goes Green keeps on going

I have a stat counter on my blog. I think most of us do. Tell me who's been here to visit, how many have been here, where you come from. Just a lot of fun facts. Today's fun fact is- I had over 1,800 visitors already today. I thought the day I hit 600 was huge. This is monumental! What caused it? I check where people came from and most came from the same spot.

Heading over to that site turns out I was the crochet pattern of the day today. Rust Goes Green has had an interesting journey this past couple weeks. As a result I submitted a crochet pattern to a magazine. It's time to get back to designing and enjoying that part of my life again. I have a few ideas for knitting and this is why I've been pretty light in the knitting photo part of the blog.

In other news. I've had some family trauma the past couple days. Mom ended up having to go to the hospital with swallowing problems and slurred speech. So far with all the tests they've done they can't find a reason. More tests tomorrow. This and a few other family things have limited my blogging time and knitting time other than the sock I keep in the car - just in case. It got a lot of action yesterday between waiting for doctors and tests.

I'll get back to stories about the Yarn Shop I worked in back in the early 80s soon but, sorry, not today. When I do, you'll hear about my notes I have from Elizabeth Zimmerman, my first tries at designing, what kinds of yarns we used to knit with and probably the best shop owner and best mentor a young girl could hang around with - Vivian Skoog.

Take care -

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Toni said...

Wow--1800 visitors! You go girl!!! :)