Friday, February 7, 2014

SWS - Small Winter Swap

The group that I help moderate on Ravelry and another group decided to do a winter swap. We called is SWS or Small Winter Swap. The plan was ladies would make a mug rug or dish cloth or something small that would fit in an envelope for someone in the other group. The project  bag I showed in the last post was part of my package to the lady I was given.

My package came this week and I waited a couple days to open it because I had a really crummy start to the week and didn't want the package to get lost in my crummy feelings. So, when I did open the package it was a treat. Nobody in the group sent just a dishcloth and nobody took the fit into an envelope to mean a regular #10 envelope. Everyone out did themselves spoiling the other group and it made the winter a little less bleak.

It took several tries to get a picture of my goodies because the sound of plastic crinkling can raise the dead (or at least 2 kitties) around here! Here's just a couple of the pictures.

Weird - I computer decided to post this without any help from me so let's try adding some more and see what happens.....
The package was a treat as I said because I had a crummy week. Monday morning I opened my utility bill for the quarter from the city only to see a $1000 balance instead of the usual $200 or so! WHAT!?!? It showed my usual water usage for 3 months is under 6K gallons but last quarter was 168K. That's 7 years worth of water! HOLY COW!!!
I called the city and we set up a guy to come out the next morning to see what was going on. My hope was the digital readaer had a bad chip or something. No such luck. The toilet in the bathroom in the basement that I haven't used for a couple years got bad rubber seals in the tank (probably from non-use) and since Nov 21 at 7:41pm (yes, they can trance it back that accurate) it has been leaking a boatload of water. I literally threw all that money down the toilet. I never heard it because its in the back part of the basement behind a couple wal;s and next to the furnance which makes its own noise. Lesson learned - all homeowners need to walk around their house at least every couple weeks to those areas they don't normally use just to check things out!