Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Boys Big Week

It's been a big week around here so The Boys decided to show you what they've been up to.
We had some knitting and watching quilting videos time. Notice we're into June and there was still a sweater on my body for this pic. At least we're finally into summer like weather now. It's about time! Back to knitting and watching videos - I've been very happy watching "The Quilt Show". It's a web show and you have to buy each season but I lucked into getting Season 8 for free. They offer several episodes from past seasons for free so you can give them a test drive. Bert seems to like them very much! If you want to see all the free episodes you'll need to "join" but it's free.

We also had some time to hang out in the kitty cottage. Bert loves to find the smallest window in the cottage possible and hang his head out till he makes choking noise. Very strange! It had Chief confused too.

We had normal versions of napping with each of them taking their place on the kitty jungle gym.

After a nice restful nap there has to be bath time. Chief usually gives Bert a bath but every once in a while Bert will return the favor. I think it's Chief thinking he's the older brother and having to take care of the baby.
This week has also started a new and rather disturbing thing. Check out the picture. I'm standing in the den/cave. The room with the tile across the hall is the bathroom. Notice anything that might cause problems when I don't bother to turn on the lights to go "across the hall"? Multiple times this week Chief has decided to stretch out right in my pathway. I don't know if its because the floor is cooler there or what. It can't be because he wants more attention because he spends a huge amount of time on my chair or my chest with me watching TV and he's never been denied cuddles so I just don't get this.
But - it's spreading. Tonight right in front of the bathroom door was both Boys. With swishing tails. Very proud of themselves because this seems to be a new game of "Let's see if we can trip up Mom". I can hardly wait to see what they come up with next.

I have a couple things that I can't show quite yet. I'm part of a secret swap with one of my Ravelry groups and I can't post thing thing I made until my swapee gets it. I hope it makes her very happy. I had fun designing it.

I'm also designing a shawl in honor of my sister-in-law. She's a Fire Captain (recently retired) with LA County. I was not aware of how many fire fighters end up suffering from various forms of cancer because of the work they do. It makes sense. You can't work around smoke and toxins and all the things fire break free from buildings without having some nasty effects. There is a group that supports the firefighters and their families and have been a great source of support with my sister-in-law because, she too ended up having to fight the cancer battle. When the shawl is done I will be writing it up and putting it on Ravelry for sale. It will be a small cost and all profits will be donated to the fire fighter support group. I'll give more details and pictures when everything is ready to go.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Yarn Bombing Day

I did absolutely nothing to celebrate International Yarn bombing Day but - I have friends. I have awesome friends! Lori gets into yarn bombing in a very creative way. She doesn't knit a flat yarn piece and just slap it up on a tree or something, she creates works of art.

A few year's ago she knit a hat to fit over the hat on the Mary Tyler Moore statue in downtown Minneapolis.

This year a dragon over a bike rack. What is extra special about this dragon is it's location. Apparently, she didn't even notice the pub across the street until after the dragon was "birthed". Across the street is a pub called George and the Dragon. How perfect is that!

The last picture may take a bit to open because I left it "full size" so you can enlarge to see the dragon and pub better.