Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Big Black Thing

Bert has made a discovery the past couple days. He's been watching me leave in the morning for quite a while and finally figured it out. I take the big black thing every time I disappear. So his answer to that is simple. If he sits on top of the big black thing, I can't disappear.  He's done this the past 2 days. I come into the dining room to grab my purse and there sits Bert, on top, watching my every move. Pretty logical for a little kitty but there's one flaw in his logic. A really tall Mom can pick up little cute kitties and then get the big black thing to disappear all day. Sorry Bert.

I wonder what his next move will be to prevent me from disappearing?!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snow, snow and for a change snow

The past month has been really depressing. I go to work, come home and knit while watching TV and go to bed. Repeat. It's been a month of waiting for spring to appear and mostly just waiting for the sun to appear. I've decided the weather has affected me more than I thought it would. Friday morning they hadn't plowed my street before I headed to work and I even got stuck in the street briefly as I tried to get going in the morning. There's also been some things at work that have not been pleasing and they also caused a less than cheery mood.

Anyway, this isn't an all sad story. This weekend two things happened. The sun decided to come out on Saturday. What a glorious event. We've been waiting for it forever and it was a welcome sight. The other thing that happened was a family gathering. My cousin's daughter and family came up from Chicago for a visit. We all got together and met the newest member of the family - Layla's brother Jaydeen. He's now 6 months old and a very happy little boy. We had all sorts of little kids running around playing & making noise and who can feel down when all that is going on.

Now they're talking possibly more snow/showers on the way but I've had my little vacation from the snow and depressing weather and now I'm a ready for the week to come.

But, really, I AM ready for a long term sunshine and nice weather. Please.