Chatelain Design Patterns

If it's a craft, I've probably tried it. Here are some of my patterns available for you. Hope you enjoy.
Hand Knitting

Jan's Shawl

My sister-in-law, Jan, choose a life that involved helping people. She became a fire fighter knowing the risks. Jan worked her way up the ranks and became the first female Fire Captain for LA County. One of the risks I never thought about was cancer. Fire fighters have a far greater chance of getting cancer from all the toxins they encounter on the job than the average person. Jan had another first when she became the first female Fire Captain to pass away on active duty when she lost her battle with job-related cancer this year.

In honor of Jan I've designed this shawl. It's not a fussy shawl but is strong with some unexpected details including a small wedge in the center to soften the tip.  Like Jan, it commands respect but has a softer side with the lace. I think she would have liked this shawl.

Link for Jans Shawl pattern ($5.00 donated to fire fighter support group)

Knitting Gnome

This 8 inch little guy will protect your knitting and keeping you company while you enjoy creating all sorts of knitterly goodness.
Free pattern for Knitting Gnome
Good Hair Hat
Ever have a day when you get to an important meeting, take off your winter hat and - OH NO! Look at that hair. This hat has been written with the broiche stitch to be nice and loose. It will keep you warm outside in the winter and save your hair.

Which Way is Up Cable Scarf
This scarf has been a very popular pattern. Well, not exactly a pattern, it's more an explanation of how the original was made. Read over the post and make your own version of this reversible cable scarf.
Lacy Diamond Purse
Going to a special event? Here's a little purse to hold your phone and other necessities. It's big enough to hold your things but small enough not to get in the way.
Knit and Crochet Sponges
Whether you knit or crochet these quick little sponges will make a great addition to your kitchen.



Rust Goes Green Market Bag
When this bag was originally designed all the market bags available were round. I wanted one to be the same shape as a regular grocery bag. One that would hold my square boxed items. Rust Goes Green works perfect. The base is a solid crochet rectangle while the body is a mesh. You may not make yours in rust colored yarn but if you make on and use it, your bag will be "green" too!



 Patterns for Purchase

 Cardinal Bag

This bag was designed in memory of my Mom who loved red and cardinals. It's made from worsted weight wool and felted to give it strength.
The finished size is 13" wide by 10.5" deep making it perfect for shopping trips or other day trips. He sports a leather shoulder strap and an inside pocket to hold your phone, ipod or other special items.

Link to purchase Cardinal Bag  ($3.00)

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