Saturday, December 6, 2008

Plunk your magic twanger, Froggie

At times at work when I get silly I'll tell someone to plunk their magic twanger. I usually get stared at and discussions about my mental status follow. I finally found proof I'm not crazy (at least about this). Those of you that are part of the pre-Sesame Street generation may remember this. If not - enjoy seeing what kid's TV was like before Kermit.


Guinifer said...

That was kind of terrifying.
What was UP with Buster Brown?
No worse than Barney or PeeWee's Playhouse, I suppose..

CeeJay said...

Oh, My Jill,
You just brought me back 50+? years? Loved Andy Devine!
Did you know that there is a street around the Las Vegas area named for him?
I can remember sitting in front of the tv as a child and being entertained by this wonderful man. A different side of his normal 'side-kick' role to westen heros in the Saturday 'shoot-em ups'!
Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Jill!
Keep it up!
Love the idea that people have such blank stares when we mention such great things out of our past. A select club we are! Doesn't it make you feel GREAT!?
P.S. Guinifer...Buster Brown Shoes was the sponsor, and Buster Brown and his dog Tag were the mascots.
If you think that was terrifying, log into some of the current tv shows some Saturday morning soon, with all those mis-shapen 'super heros' that are quite violent, in my opinion.
Ahh, for the gentleness of Winnie the Pooh........

Anonymous said...

This was the TV version.
At the saturday mattine version Andy would say
"Plunk your magic twanger froggie" and a large percentage of the kids in the theater would reply.
"Plunk it yourself you dirty old man."
This was around 1949 or 1950 in the mid west