Sunday, October 18, 2009

I give that meal one sniff.

I got a call this afternoon from my cousin. He had heard about a concert tonight on NPR and thought I might be interested. Yup. A couple hours later I got to Coz's house and we headed over to a church by his house for a Celtic Harp and Wind concert. It was 2 ladies - one played Celtic harp and the other played multiple wind instruments (1/2 dozen different bagpipes, whistles and other flute like instruments). The wind player also sang. It turned out to be part of a concert series that this church puts on during the year - one a month. Unfortunately the crowd was somewhat small - about 100 people. But everyone seemed to enjoy the concert very much.

While we were waiting for it to start I was telling Coz about the gathering next April of some of my Net friends here in Minneapolis. I told him I call them Net friends because it's easier then trying to explain these are friends I've never met- they're all knitters- etc. Coz decided they should be called "Knit Nets". He thought this was a great idea then decided the place we met is the Knit Net and the people are Knit Netties. I should also mention this is the same cousin who couldn't decide if Knitting is a hobby or a cult. Whatever if is he supports my obsession and has even gone so far to hunt up a book about knitting culture for me after seeing a review in the paper - "I knew you'd like it." - What a guy!

After the concert we headed to a vegetarian Indian restaurant for more conversation. Food was okay but I like "our" Indian restaurant better. When I got home Chief gave me his official review of my supper.

You see, Chief has this bizarre habit of having to smell my breath after I eat. His review of my meals consists on how many times he has to smell my mouth, the more sniffs the better the meal. Tonight's Vegetable Korma got 1 sniff. I think he was excited because he could smell the korma but, at my restaurant I get Chicken Korma, tonight no chicken smell. It may be a bizarre habit of Chief's but at least he's never tried to get his nose in my mouth!

For the record - chicken korma at my favorite restaurant gets 3-4 sniffs easily. Chief has good taste.

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Toni said...

LOL! At least Chief has good taste.

And tell your cousin I vote that we're a cult. A harmless one, but a cult--we've got our own social network, our own language, we have those temperamental knitting gods we all complain about. Yep, definitely a cult