Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

March 25, 2002 

January 25, 2002 my big boy was born. Little did I know at the time I would totally fall in love 3 months later and be wrapped around his little "finger".

I went to pick him up at 3 months of age and stopped by my parents house before going home. On the trip home my nameless little bundle crawled into my coat and fell asleep on my chest (18 lbs later he still does this!) When I brought him into my folk's he went right to Dad and played with him then went over to Mom and fell asleep on her lap. This little boy really knew how to get people to love him quick.

All my cats have been named after family members so, while we were trying to come up with a name Dad said the kitty had total control of the family just like "The Chief" did. And - a name was found. Grandpa was a Chief Petty Officer who was always in command of where ever he was. The name was turned out to be perfect because this little boy has always been the chief.

He's always demanded to be close and cuddle so when I needed to spend time on the computer I had to come up with a way to cuddle but keep working. I found my old arm sling and it worked perfect - we were both happy.

Time passed and he grew into a very handsome Big Boy. 18 pounds of love and good manners. So - Happy Birthday Big Boy. Thanks for picking me when I came to visit your birth home!


Jen said...

Happy birthday, Chief! I love the story of his name, and the shot of him in the arm sling is priceless.

Beth said...

Cute pics! Happy Birthday Chief!