Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stone Arch Bridge

Sitting in phone were some pictures from my knitting tour day with a lady from Australia. I mentioned this when it happened last month but posted no pictures. OOPS. I also managed to only take pictures at the Stone Bridge and none of the Yarn shops we visited. But, I like the Stone Bridge and thought you might like to see pictures of it.

Those of you not from the Minneapolis area have no idea what I'm talking about. The Stone Arch Bridge was built in the 1880s over the St Anthony Falls for railroad tracks. Now it's for bike and people. It's just north of the I35W bridge that collapsed a few years ago. For a time after the collapse people would come down to the bridge to see what everything looked like. Recently the area around the bridge has been redone. The Gutherie theater built their new building down there and many of the old flour mills have been turned into people friendly areas - restaurant, apartments, etc. Now, the Stone Arch bridge area is a park and people like to go down and enjoy the Mississippi river down there.

The bridge is the yellow brick. In the front is the park area and the bridge behind is a vehicle bridge.

Closer to the bridge you can see St Anthony falls Mississippi river) under it. This year with all our rain the falls have been very high

The park area has made it very popular for wedding parties to come down. The day we were there proved that point. Here's 2 wedding parties walking along the sidewalk across the street from the park.

And over by the Gutherie is another wedding party, complete with parasols getting ready to take pictures.

In other news -

The past couple weeks I've been fighting a bum knee. I have no idea what I did to it but the muscle in the back is not a happy camper, it didn't want to straighten out so walking was tricky. For about a week walking was really painful. It almost better but I went through all the fun steps of getting better including the calf getting real sore from over use. But life goes on and its getting better so that's a good thing.

Knitting - I'm in trouble. I've finished most everything on the needles. GASP AND HORRORS! I have a few things that are long term - scrap afghan type things but - other than that I have some edging on a sweater; about an hour of knitting on a scarf and that's it! I need to start something(s) but I want to do some designing and the design mojo is not visiting me right now. So, I'll probably cast on some socks just to have something going. Time will tell.

But for now, Chief has climbed up and is trying to crawl on the laptop. I think it's a hint that its cuddle time.

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Toni said...

Wow--finishing everything on the needles? I'm not sure I can even IMAGINE such a thing at this point.........