Sunday, September 18, 2011


Like I said last post - It's been crazy around here with the construction. I live 1/2 block from the highway where a bunch of construction is going on. Normally, go to the end of the block-pop over 1 block and jump on the highway. I know, I said all this last post. Only reason I mention this again is because I took a picture of the end of the block from my driveway.

 All that dirt looking stuff down there is the frontage road and behind it is the highway. The highway looks pretty much like the frontage road. To be fair, this picture is a few days old so the highway actually looks a bit better than this but, all this construction means I've been playing the Midas Muffler commercial in my head a lot - rattle rattle thunder clatter boom boom boom. That's pretty much what it sounds and feels like in the house from early morning till late evening.

The boys seem to be doing there own version of construction in the house. They have a kitty tunnel. I have no life so, the tunnel lives in the middle of the living room. I came home to find the tunnel had a new arrangement to it.

As I said it's normally in the middle of the living room.

What in the world did the 2 of them do during the day to get it into the new position!?  I think I need to get a nanny camera. Or, maybe I don't want to know.......

In other news, a few weeks back the family got together for a BBQ and I just can't go see Layla without making something. I had this very strange ball of soft, fuzzy yarn from a swap and started playing around. I had tried knitting it once but the fabric seemed a bit thin. So, I tried crochet. That worked perfect. I made a "ball" and decided to keep going and made a doggy/bunny/critter thing. The arms and legs are kind of curly. They did that on their own. They are a chain stitch with some stitches on the end for the hand/foot then a single crochet in each chain. I think this little guy turned out pretty cute but the best was - Layla carried it around for quite a while.

This past month I finished a shawl but never got around to blocking it. Some day I'll have a monster blocking party and get everything finished once and for all. The shawl pattern and yarn escape me for the moment but I'll have all the info when I post a blocked picture (don't hold your breath!)

The boys have been pretty boring (at least when I'm at home) so I don't have any action shots or cute kitty poses but I do have a picture of Bert showing what can happen to a rocking chair after 20 years of cats using it for naps. Check out the edge of the chair and all the kitty claw marks. It's really pretty minimal damage so I can't complain too much. We had a chair when I was a kid that was totally wrecked by Frank, our cat at the time.

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Beth said...

Layla LOVES her bunny/puppy critter. She calls it bunny. This bunny is small enough to take places with us and definitely goes with us, but her regular home is in Layla's bed!