Thursday, October 6, 2011

Denise in China - this one's for you

A few posts back I mentioned the mall near my house (Brookdale) was no more. Back in 1955 Southdale mall (in Edina, Minnesota) became the first indoor mall in the world. Over the next few years 4 more "Dales" followed. Brookdale was the one in Brooklyn Center. The other 2 Rosedale (in Roseville) and Ridgedale (in Minnetonka) are still around. But - alas - Brookdale is no more. It's going to become a new shopping complex with Sears still there but, my childhood shopping mall will never be the same again.

When I posted about Brookdale I got a comment back from someone in China who grew up in this area and knew Brookdale well. After a few messages back and forth we figured out she went to my high school and was only a couple years behind me. What's that old story about going half way around the world to meet the person next door? Kind of freaky feeling to have it happen to you!

So - Denise in China - these pictures are for you!

This is where Dayton's used to be

From the Sears parking lot looking toward what was JC Penny

This was JC Penny's parking lot where the car repair store was in the middle of the parking lot.


Christine said...

I drove by where Brookdale used to be two weekends ago. Couldn't belive that it's ALL gone!

denise said...

Oh MY! this is pretty sad. I guess the times they are a changing.
Thanks for the photos. And what a surprise to have a blog written just for me! Even though the disappearance of Brookdale makes me sad, your blog brought a smile to my face this morning.
Happy knitting.