Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Comments are great but....

One thing that is so tough about blogging is having people leave a comment and not being able to answer them back. I love the comments and don't stop but - if you leave a question that requires an answer please - please - please - give me a way to answer you back! Leave an email address or or Ravelry name or something.

The latest example - Sandy, no last name; left a comment on one of my posts from several years ago. It sounds like she's working on a family tree and is related to Vivian Skoog, the owner of the yarn shop I worked at on weekends during college. I'm hoping Sandy will search Vivian's name again and come up with this post. If so - you can contact me at

Everyone else - leave comments and messages but give me a way to reply back! Thanks for reading.

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NerdGirl said...

In my opinion, an inability to communicate effectively with commenters is the biggest flaw in the Blogger platform. However, I don't like the interface with Wordpress so I'm sticking with Blogger despite it's flaws.

I tend to just reply to the comment with my own comment in the comments section and hope that the user looks there. I know this comment doesn't require a reply but since you requested a way to contact commenters, I'm NerdGirl on Rav.