Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sewing with Dora

A couple of the blackout projects were given a new home yesterday. It was Layla's 3rd birthday party and a couple projects were for her. It all started when I saw pictures of her baking cookies with her Mom at Christmas. For a 2 1/2 year old she is very capable of many things beyond her years. This includes helping Mommy bake. So - I decided she needed an apron. Of course, she got an apron for Christmas but I am not one to be stopped. I'd make a different apron. After all, everyone can use more than one apron. Then this spring I found out Layla's new favorite thing was Dora the Explorer. 'Nuff said. I'd make a Dora the Explorer apron.

In May we had a Shop Hop around the Twin Cities and I checked every single shop for Dora material. No one had any. Cat in the Hat - Yes. Dora - No. I thought I'd have to buy from the Net even though I like to shop local when possible. But, as I was walking through JoAnn's one day I saw Dora material. I was a happy camper and bought a yard of Dora and a yard of plain green to go with it.

The Dora apron ended up being one with pockets and reversible. Dora with plain pockets on one side and Plain with Dora pockets on the other side. When Layla opened it up everyone thought it was really cute but she wasn't into trying it on right then.

Did I mention Layla is a little cutie?

So I couldn't stop at just the apron with all that material leftover. I made a little pot holder so she could be just like Mommy (but I know her Mommy won't be giving her real hot stuff to carry) But - more material= more playing around. I traced my hand and adjusted to what I thought would be a good size for a 3 year old and made a couple hot mitts. One had Dora on the back and the other had Boots (I learned the monkey is named Boots this weekend) on the back. Turns out the hot mitts were a bigger hit than the apron right now.

After getting all that done I thought it would be fun to find a "My First Cookbook" type thing. While hunting on Amazon I had the luckiest find. There is actually a Dora the Explorer Cookbook. It's really cute; has hints for Mom and Dad on what part of the recipe the little ones can help with and best of all, Dora, Boots and all their friends are all over the cookbook. It was a HUGE hit.

So, that's a couple of the blackout items. The other items will need to wait until Christmas or another celebration that will come before then. When the time comes I'll try to remember to get some good pictures before I give away the items. Action shots are cute but don't do much for detail!

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