Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas is for family

This year Christmas was for family is a big way. We had family come from all over - LA, Arizona, Chicago and here in the Twin Cities. This is the first time all 6 cousins have been together for Christmas since the 70s!! But, it almost didn't happen. My brother missed his place yesterday and had to wait another 3 hours to get a flight out of LA and head to Minnesota. Finally he made it here and we all spent the evening together catching up on things. The Chicago part of the family was not going to be here but one cousin insisted on them staying at her house so the group was complete.

There was playing with new toys and learning to be a princess........

There was a little bit of Mom cuddle time.....
There were several family pictures taken with different generations including the 2nd cousins.....
But not all the pictures turned out the way we expected them to. Sometimes sisters have jokes about the silliest things that other people don't understand! (unless you're their Mom)

The day ended with a little Grandma story time before bed. 

All in all Christmas was a great day for being together with family!

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