Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day - give me a hug

I spent yesterday involved with the MS Bike Ride but no the way you'd think - my engine light came on and I didn't feel safe driving over 50 miles without getting it checked out. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it checked unless I gave up the bike ride. If I didn't do it then I'd have to wait until Monday night and I just didn't dare wait that long. It turned out to be a bad gas cap sensor. I think our cars are getting just a little too automatic. BUT-
I did ride my bike around the area in my own version of a mini- ride and more importantly - your donations are still going to a very worthy cause. I will let you know who won the knitting goodies shortly and get a hold of that person to let her/him know something is coming their way. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!
This morning I went over to the Shepherd Harvest Festival and it was cold. I didn't spend much time in the vendor buildings but did get some good pictures of the llamas and alpacas. One problem - I brought my new phone that has a good camera to try it out but I couldn't email myself the pics. I'll play around and get them off the phone and post them, hopefully tomorrow.
The count down to my cousin's wedding continues and the gray blog is starting to have a shape. I've bound off the sleeve caps so it can now look like what it will end up being - a top down lace shell.
If I have time I will also be knitting a shrug to go with it. Ya gotta love rayon on silk. This yarn is a ribbon yarn and a bit rough to knit with but once it's in a knit stitch is already starts the softening up and just feels good.

Last fall I had all that work done on the basement and my window wells to waterproof the basement. In the process my plants got abused. I had some peony bushes that were here when I was a little girl. I think Dad planted them the first year they moved in so those plants were over 50 years old. It looks like they may have survived- we'll see but one of the tulips made it through the construction.

As you all know I have a couple cats. If you don't know that, you are obviously totally new to reading this blog cause all I seem to talk about some days are the boys! Anyway- every once in a while I mention Bert and his love of dragging his toys around. Here is today's view of the living room. The only thing I put in the picture was the kitty tunnel. Everything else is Bert.

That's - 1 knit mouse, 1 stuffed mouse, 1 fishing pole, 1 green sock, 1 piece of paper, the fishy on a rope, and inside the tunnel - 2 more knit mousies. Sadly, this is clean compared to what he usually has it looking like.

Happy Mother's Day - come play with me!

Chief's way to celebrate Mother's Day is to climb on top of me while I try to work on the computer on my lap. Little hard to see the screen but - the purring makes up for it.

Happy Mother's Day - give me a hug! - Chief


Guinifer said...

Happy mothers day to you too. I really like the sweater color with that pattern too! Sorry you had to miss the bike ride, it turned out to be a beautiful day today (or was it yesterday? Which? Yuk.)

Jill said...

Oh, bummer about the car, huh? I know, they're getting crazy, with lights going on all the time freaking everyone out. peeve of mine. At least the money all goes where it should and you got a little exercise to boot. :) It all works out.

Loving the shell--it looks great.