Saturday, May 31, 2008

Next Season - Road Construction

Minnesota is said to have two seasons - winter and road construction. Now that winter is over we're into our second season. My city has decided to do ALL the utilities and roads at the same time so we only have to rip up the road once. First came all the flags and stakes in the yards; then the gas company had to swap out the in-the-house meters for new outside meters. We've had sewer people, electric people and more. This week was rip up the road week.

Yup, you were right Bert. This is a good place to see all the stuff going on outside. - Chief
I better get my big green sock inside to protect it! - Bert

Every night after the guys are done, the road has t be put back to "normal" so we can drive home.
We've had lots of big truck-like vehicles up and down the street.

They've moved a lot of dirt and currently they've ripped up end of everyone's driveways and torn out all the curbs.

Then came today - do you know how much fun it is to have a hail storm when you have a bunch of dirt instead of a driveway or street?! YUCK!

Enough about roadwork. Yesterday I got a package in the mail. I listen to the She-Knits podcast and belong to the group on Ravelry. A few weeks ago Sharon ran a contest where we had to write about a time someone did something for you - just because. It was kind of a Chicken Soup for the Knitter's Soul contest. But - not really a contest. We just wrote our stories and shared then the winner was randomly chosen. I was the lucky winner and received the package yesterday.

I got a book and some yarn. Let me rephrase that - I got a way cool book and some absolutely yummy yarn.

The book - Couture Knits by Jean Moss. There's beautiful "fashion" sweater, shawls, etc.
The yarn - Primero by Brooks Farms. It a DK weight 100 Kid Mohair. Yum. Very pettable. I've got 1000yds so I'll have to search my patterns for the perfect project.


toni in florida said...

Hope your road work is done soon. And that the hail holds off until, oh, never.

What gorgeous yarn! Can't wait to see what you make of it.

Toni said...

What lovely yarn!!!!

I feel for you on the road construction. They recently widened the road near our house, and we had a few evenings of no electricity. Not to mention not being able to get into our subdivision. Fun stuff...

Guinifer said...

I just want to rub that yarn up against my face - wow!