Saturday, August 23, 2008

Driving to Stitches Midwest

(Blogger is being weird and not letting me move the picture -This is She-Knits booth at Stitches.)

Yesterday was fortunately a boring drive to Chicago. When I drove down for my cousin's wedding in June Wisconsin was in the middle of the flood season and we had to make a huge detour. This time - no problem. As I was driving I listening to knitting podcasts and my "friends" kept me company for the 6.5 hours When I stopped for a quick lunch and pulled up the exit ramp I was greeted with a giant elephant wearing glasses. I wish I had paid attention to where I was at and I wish my camera batteries had not died. He was quite the sight to behold! Over the road to Culver's I was greeted by a giant cow. This area has a serious hormone problem in the water. I was just glad everyone in the restaurant seemed to be normal size.

The convention center where Stitches Midwest is being held is beautiful. It's just a few years old and well planned. Friday afternoon was just walking around and getting the lay of the land. Today and Sunday will be classes and more shopping.

The She-Knits Ravelry gang is getting together tonight while a few of us already got to meet at Sharon (She-Knits) booth. This is her first time doing something like this so it was wonderful to see her booth filled with people buying kits and patterns.

If you haven't seen Sharon's patterns - she designed felted bags that are just wonderful. She has a bag called the Dumpling bag in the latest Interweave Knits and will have another pattern in the Fall Interweave Felting Magazine.

Well - off to find breakfast and have another full day of knitting and yarn.

(Oh - Chief and Bert - I do miss you boys. I had a king size bed all to myself and no kitties to get dangles up in my legs!)

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Criosa said...

if the elephant was pink, it was likely the Dane/DeForest exit (just north/west of Madison). that was the exit we took to visit my aunt & uncle growing up - we made many a visit to that gas station =]