Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where's Bert - round 2

The computer is still acting up but I managed to get a few pics uploaded.
Here's a few previous rounds of "Where's Bert?" I think he must be getting ready for the London Olympics in 4 years. Is there a Hide and Seek competition?

Obviously he's pretty good at playing this game. Nitzie said it was too bad Bert didn't know transporting in closets. Sorry Nitzi - you're wrong. He has that one down pretty good too.

Bert found a box in the closet to hide in. This one took a while to find him - Man, he's good!

The Original Sweater
Here's a pic of the original sweater I was telling you about last post. As they say -a picture is worth a thousand words.
So back to the problem. You started knitting at the neck in the round. Or should I say in the square- there's 4 sections: 2 fronts and 2 backs. Every other round you increase on each side of the 4 sections creating a mitered shaping. When you get down to the underarm area (just before the coral in this sweater) you have to know how many stitches are needed to make the width what you need.
My problem was I couldn't remember I did this the first time. I decided to draw the sweater on paper and figure out the angles and triangles and get my needed number of stitches before I switch to knitting the arms and body.
Well - I have to get ready for Stitches Midwest and finish packing up my Mom's apartment so right angle triangle and stitch counts will have to wait for a bit.
Don't forget to hug your family - Mom never shook hands, she always hugged. everyone will always remember that!


nitzie said...

I take it back! He's clearly a champion hider.

Guinifer said...

That sweater looks like it would make an excellent sock pattern....