Sunday, November 2, 2008

I need some Mental Floss

I have a secret shame that I haven;t admitted to anyone until now. I have no kids but love to watch kid shows. I know who Hannah Montana is. I know all about Phineous and Ferb. I just don't dare talk about this too much to friends. They'd think I was a bit touched in the head.

What does all this have to do with you and my blog? Well - there's an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (yeah- I know- stupid show- I watch it too) In this episode, one of her aunts uses some mental floss. You just run it through the ears and your brain gets cleaned out so you can think better. I could use some of that mental floss these days. I have so many things running through my brain I end up getting very little done.

We have multiple projects going on at work that require coming up with many ways to doing them because other people don't get their part done on time and you have to totally change the game plan in a seconds notice. So I have all these possible scenarios running through my head all day clogging things up.

At home I have so much that needs to get done I end up ignoring it all and watch stupid kids shows and knit instead. This isn't helping me make progress on some things I absolutely have to do. I need to get the basement cleared out enough to make it company usable by Thanksgiving when the extended family comes - the guys need a place to watch the games and sleep after the meal! I need to get some of the furniture in the garage moved downstairs - same reason. I have what feels like miles of paper (receipts, records, etc) to go through to be sure I have parent stuff taken care of properly. I have knit items that need to be finished - buttons sewn on, etc. and photographed for here and ravelry. I have many more things you don't want to read about. So what do I do - like I said- watch dumb TV and ignore everything else.

Today's game plan is to pretend I only have one of the huge list of things to do and get it done. Then I'll pretend I have one other thing to do and so on. I may not have the real mental floss but I can create my own version by getting my focus on one small goal at a time. Wish me luck - but first I think I'll watch some kiddie TV and knit!


Guinifer said...

Luck, luck, luck, luck!

CeeJay said...

Can you guarantee to have some of that mental floss leftover and tell us where to come and get it? Could use a bunch of it and hopefully get the sinus infection out so I can stitch again without going boogey-eyed. Hate taking meds and not clearing up the gunk.
Good luck with all the gymnastics involved in moving the furniture around. We are heading to the Casino, which one I don't know of as yet, hoping forf Mystic but that is a loooong drive from here. Most likely will be Hinckley or Mille Lacs.
Enjoy your family for the holidays, they may be extra work, but family is important when holidays are here.
Major Huggs, Cait