Saturday, October 25, 2008

Knit Sponges

The past week at work was unbelievable. I don't want to repeat it again so to forget about the week I spend part of today knitting cotton sponges. A while back I found a crocheted sponge patterns and decided it would be easy to make a knit version. They work great. I made one at the beginning of the summer to test out and it has been through the washing machine many times. Still look great.

If you'd like to give it a try and use a few less paper towels - here's my simple little pattern.

Knit Sponge - 2 finishing versions

Worsted weight cotton such as Sugar N Cream.
size 8 needles (or whatever is around and close after all this doesn't have to be a specific size)
tapestry needle
crochet hook size F or G

Cast on 20 sts.
Work 24 ridges of garter st (48 rows).

Finish version 1
Bind off.
Fold in half along a garter ridge.
Work single crochet around all 4 sides.

Finish version 2
Fold in half around a garter ridge.
Work 3 needle bind off across cast on and last row.
Turn and pick up and work 3 needle bind off on the garter st edges.
Turn and work bind off on the folded edge.
Turn and repeat garter st edge bind off. End.

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Ceejay said...

O.K. Being knitty retarded since I just learned to knit, I would love to have a pic look-see of this..I don't seem to be able to visualize the pattern as I should. Thanks, Cait