Monday, October 13, 2008

Kitty Boxing & my Gloves

I've been trying to get fellow knitters to try gloves. The first reaction is always that they're too hard. In reality, they're as easy as socks without having to knit the heel. Just pretend you're knitting 5 toes instead of 1.

Here's the Knotty gloves in process. As you can see the thumb is knit up just like a mitten. When you get to the fingers put the 2 sides (front and back) on holders or extra yarn. Pick up the stitches for the first finger-cast on a couple stitches for between the first and middle finger and just knit in the round until you have your finger length. Knit a couple rounds of decreases and you're done.

Next finger- pick up the stitches from one of the holders for this finger, cast on a couple for between this finger and the ring finger, pick up from the other holder, pick up the stitched between the first finger and this finger. Knit around ,etc.

See- it's easy. Give gloves a try they're a great way to use all that sock yarn.
While I've been knitting gloves (and a few other things) the boys have been busy playing. Bert has this magical way of knowing the second I clear out a bookcase shelf and he loves it.

Bert, come play. - Chief
I'm comfy. Leave me alone - Bert

Time - to - play! - Chief

Okay, now I'm down and ready. Back off big guy! - Bert

Just cause you're twice my size doesn't mean I can't take you! Bring it on. - Bert

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Guinifer said...

Not that they're too hard - the one time I made mittens I hated futzing with that one thumb. The thought of four fingers made me grit my teeth!

A good round of kitty boxing is always a good evening of entertainment!