Saturday, October 11, 2008

Please remove this phone number

I've discovered something amazing this week. I started getting the phone calls again - you know the ones. "Hi, this is Suzie and I'm calling on behalf of the ABC foundation." Those "let me call you at your supper hour so I'm really a pain in the behind" calls. I'm on the no call list but so many companies have found what they believe are acceptable reasons to bother me.

I used to tell them to go away - get mad at them say I wasn't interested in anything via telemarketing (they'd argue they weren't a telemarketer), I would get really ticked at them, nothing worked without getting rude. I hate to get rude.

This week I started a new way of dealing with these people and it works! Soon as I know it's one of "those calls" I simply say "Please remove this phone number from your list". No explanation. No arguing. No I'm not interested. Just that simple statement. It's worked 3 out of 3 times. They phone calls have been pleasant and short. Let's hope this keeps working!

Bert Saves the Day

A couple days ago my radio alarm did not go off. I was up late the night before and would have been late for work except - Little Bert to the rescue! He figured out I wasn't getting up at the right time and while Chief slept at the foot of the bed Bert leaped into action. He started out simple. He pet my face. I brushed his paw aside so he upped the ante. He started licking me and purring very loud. This little boy was not going to leave me alone. I figured it was his usual bugging me in the middle of the night trick but I glanced over at the clock and saw it was 1/2 hour later then I get up. We ALL leaped out of the bed and got ready quickly. Bert made sure I got to the bathroom and got ready. Chief made sure I made it over to their food and fed them. I made sure I had proper clothes on. We all did our job and I made it to work with 5 minutes to spare!

There was a special treat for Bert that night! What a guy!!

I'm here for ya Mom! - Bert

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