Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lots of Knitting - No pictures

Interesting that it would take me 11 days after a post on procrastination to post again. Told you I put things off...

I spent the past week finishing up a secret project. Don't you just love it when people talk about secret projects they can't show you. After a while you start things maybe they're just making it up to hide the fact that they aren't doing anything. Well - there really is a project. It's done and heading to its new home tomorrow. Once I know its been opened I'll post pictures and the story behind it.

Beside the secret project I've had a pretty busy knitting week. Tuesday was MN Knitters Guild meeting. The topic was Aran knitting and there were many beautiful items to enjoy. I haven't joined the guild but only because I used my last check and keep forgetting to put a new bunch in my purse. Next month....

Thursday was my regular knit group - NW Twin Cities Suburb Knit Group. We started through Raverly and our group just keeps growing. We started once a month and now meet twice a month. It's amazing how many stories you hear about groups starting up because of Ravelry. I brought the project to work on and others brought socks, afghans, sweaters and all sorts of fun projects.

Since spring is officially here I've been looking at the yard (minus snow) and realized how little I did last fall before the snow fell. I put off racking because we have some late leaf droppers in the area and I didn't want to have to rake twice. OOPS! Now I have a really icky looking yard and a lot of work ahead of me in a week or so when the yard dries out enough to be able to handle a raking.

The next month will also be busy knitting wise. Knit Out, my knitting group, MKG, and we'll see what else comes up. Next post will have pictures - I promise!

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