Saturday, June 13, 2009

It could have been a great post

Last summer when I met up with Sharon (She-Knits) she gave me some bath bombs from LUSH. One of them was still hiding out in my bathroom and I decided I needed a little spa time. I rarely take a bath (don't worry I DO take showers) but a nice soak with a book seemed like the thing to do today, especially after I saw the bath bomb.

So - I filled the tub. Got a book to read, my reading glasses and dropped the bomb. It was fizzy and filled the bathroom with wonderful smells. I read and relaxed.

After the tub dried out it must have smelled nice because the boys decided hop in the tub and take their own bath. I came in only to see both of them in the tub cleaning themselves and each other. It was so cute. I got the great idea for a blog post about all parents getting pictures of their kids in the bathtub, the boys using the tubs but not quite understanding how the bath thing was supposed to work. In my head it was a great post. I went to the next room to grab the camera. They kept cleaning. I turned the camera on. They kept cleaning. I set the camera to indoors and started to aim it at them - they both jumped out of the tub faster than you can imagine. Almost a synchronized jump type thing worthy of the Olympics.

Somehow the effect just isn't the same without the boys.
What? You think we want people seeing us do our private stuff!? - Bert
In knitting news - what do you get if you play around with ugly yarn and short rows?

A very strange face.
I'm getting close to being able to show you the brown blob that is going to be a lace afghan. I'm on the last crochet edge round but ran out of yarn 1/3 of the way around. Maybe I'll get the yarn tomorrow and be able to show you the finished afghan.

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