Sunday, June 28, 2009

If you can call them pictures

Not much going on here so I decided to distract you with pictures.

Bert says HI - He's busy reading a book a Ravelry friend sent me. The book? "The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club" by Gil McNeil. Deb (LosetheMittens) sent it to me a few months back after a visit she made here. Its a British story so has their slang and and ways of talking about things. I didn't get a chance to start it until this week but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Similar type story to the Jennifer Chivarini Elm Creek Quilt series.

Chief has been very happy with his latest hunk of plastic. I got some shirts mail order and he immediately claimed the outer plastic envelope. It's become his "blankie" this past week and he sleeps on it daily.

I promised pictures of the finished projects but. They're still not blocked. This is the doily pattern made as an afghan. I used Woolease in the color - Wood. It's about 50-60" wide. I'll know once I block it. The pattern in a free one called Alita.

The other bigger item I finished but haven't blocked yet is the Icelandic Shawl. It's out of KnitPicks yarn and obviously still needs blocking. For some reason I kind of lost the blocking mojo but promise to find it soon and will post pictures that actually show something beyond a color blob.

Yesterday morning we had rain. When I got up the rain had finished but left multiple drops on the willow branches outside the bathroom window. I thought they looked pretty cool so grabbed the camera.

While I had the camera out I decided to click a quick pic of the apple tree out the den window. It's got a ton of apples starting to grow. Looks like a good crop if I remember to spray and take care of the tree.

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Guinifer said...

So is Bert meowing with a british accent now?