Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder

I think admitting you have a disease can be a good think. Knowing the symptoms are sometimes difficult but I've noticed a few things lately.

1. At work today I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was going to bring to knitting group tonight. My big projects that I don't need to concentrate on are finished and I only have a couple socks that I've brought to group a few times before. I couldn't possibly let them see the same project yet again! So over lunch and a few quiet moments at work I was cruising the patterns. I was in a panic becuase I didn't have a new project to bring. Maybe a shawl- I have lace weight yarn.

2. Shawls are a problem. I have 4 shawls ( 2 need to be blocked) but I don't really wear shawls. I have enough lace weight yarn for (I think) 5 or 6 more shawls. It was pretty and it was on sale.

3. Last night a friend asked if maybe I could donate a knitting something for a breast cancer event. I went to my box of completed items and pulled out a little cotton stranded work purse and a wool colorwork Christmas sock. She loved them and I realized - I have a box filled with completed things that have no purpose. I made them just because....

4. I usually can't wait to get home to pet the kitties, grab supper and settle into my recliner for an evening of TV and knitting. Notice this list of things to do doesn't include doing the dishes or housework or mowing the lawn....

5. I took time out to read a book instead of knitting. It was a good about knitting shop.

6. The side table on the left of my recliner is filled with projects, needles, and tools for knitting. The table on the right of my chair is filled with knitting books and magazines.

I could go on but its pretty obvious - I have Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder. Let's hope there's no cure.

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