Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When in doubt - tell an embarrassing story

My knitting can't be shown right now and Bert & Chief are sleeping under the bed so no cute kitty pictures. That leaves me with telling you a "I can't believe how stupid I was" story.

Monday when I left work my car told me it needed an oil change. Yeah - my car talks to me with all the On Star, extra information type stuff. It even has it's own phone number. I never use it because it's WAY too expensive but - go figure - cars need their own phone numbers. I don't know it but, if I felt like it, I could ask the car and it would tell me.

Anyway- back to the oil change. Knowing how much I can procrastinate I decided I would go get it changed right then or I'd forget and end up blowing up the engine or something from lack of care. Headed over to the dealer a mile from work and less than an hour later I was getting back in my car. It was happy with all its fluids topped off and I headed home. Sort of.

Whoever drove my car to the front put my seat back. I have long legs and normally have a seat all the way back but my SUV has a very long seat length. Right then it was back a couple notches from my "sweet spot". I could drive but it didn't feel right. I felt under the seat and no bar to move it up. I haven't changed the seat since I bought it over 3 years ago and, well, I couldn't find how to do it.

Since it was OK to drive I headed out and pulled out the manual at the first light. Found the section on the seats and it said change it using the bar. Again - no bar. In the front there's a knob to change the lumbar seat pressure. On the left side is the usual lever to change the back of the seat forward and backward. There's also a flat bar that tilts from its center clockwise or counterclockwise. This tilts the seat so my butt or legs are higher or lower.

Still no bar. No way to move the seat forward. I looked I really looked. I looked Monday night. I looked Tuesday morning. I looked Tuesday on the way to lunch. I gave up. I called the service department and admitted I had a stupid, embarrassing question. I told the guy what happened and he says

- There should be a lever on the side that can be pushed forward.

- Well, on the side there's the normal lever that goes up and down for the back of the seat and there's the bar that turns clockwise and counterclockwise for the tilting of the seat and that's it.

- Then you must have a bar in the front.

- Nope. I can clearly see the bar on the passenger side. Nothing like that on my seat.

- Then it's a lever on the side that moves forward.

We were back at the beginning of our conversation so I said I'd look again and if I couldn't find it I'd be in after work.

After work I couldn't find it but I didn't drive over, I was too embarrassed. This morning I tried something radical - I tried to move the tilting bar forward and as if by magic - my seat moved forward.

So my question is: if the manual can have a page to show pulling the manual bar up, it can show tilting the bar to change the seat, it can show the lever to change the back of the seat, it even shows how to use the seat belts (because none of us have ever used a seat belt) - why can't it show the tilting lever being pushed forward and back to move the seat?

That's it - nobody is ever allowed to change the seat in my car again!

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