Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 1922

87 years ago my hero was born. He grew up in south Minneapolis, joined the Navy and met "The Chief". Chief introduced my hero to his youngest daughter and they were very happy.

After they were married and adopted 2 children, the family lived in a northern Minneapolis suburb. My hero loved to do things with his hands. He repaired the house and redid many parts of the house. Finished the basement. Made jewelry from rocks he collected and polished with his daughter. Took wonderful photos and developed and hand painted them

He worked in wood and made clocks. Beautiful clocks.

My hero taught his daughter to love working with her hands. He taught her - if you can read you can do anything. If you need something, learn to make it yourself. Believe in yourself.

My hero turns 87 today and he has memory problems. He can't remember how to turn wood. He can't fix things anymore. But he still has a gentle soul and loves everyone he meets. He'll give you a quick smile and usually a wink. Even when he doesn't remember me, I remember him.

He's still my hero and always will be!
(and yes - Chief was named after Grandpa, a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy)


Beverly said...

This is so touching ... it sounds like you've made wonderful memories with your hero.

CeeJay said...

Thanks. Very lovingly written and allowed me to see another male that loved his kids. I am working to establish that kind of relationship with my dad, but at 94, I don't think I will be lucky enough.

CeeJay said...

I just realized that my Dad was also born on 7.14 but in 1915.