Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quick Summer Treats

In one of the groups I hang out in on Ravelry we got to talking about no cooking for the summer. I have several almost no cooking recipes and decided to kill two birds with one stone. Let the group know the recipes and do a blog post.

Sorry there's no pictures. These were something requested of me today and I haven't made them with taking pictures in mind before. But - trust me - they're good!

I have made Crockpot baked beans tons of times. These are great because other than soaking the beans everything is just dumped in the crockpot and left alone. I've found the longer you let them cook on low the better they are - they get that caramelized coating on them and the flavors work their way through every pore of the beans. Yum. I think I'll have to go get some navy beans and get a batch going!

Crockpot Beans

Serving Size : 12

1 lb Dried Navy beans
¼ C Molasses
6 T Sugar
1/2 T Salt
4 C Water
1 medium Onion -- chopped
2 oz Bacon

Wash beans. Do not soak.
Put all ingredients in crock pot. Cook 12 - 18 hours (up to 24)

Variations: I’ve made these without the bacon and about ¼ tsp. liquid smoke in its place to add flavor.


While I was pulling up my beans recipe I remembered the dump cake. This is another throw stuff in a pan and forget it. After the first time I made this recipe I started playing around a bit. I made it with chocolate cake and cherry pie filling and thought I would die it was so good. Give this a try when company is coming - quick easy and again - yum!

Dump Cake

Serving Size : 12-24 depending on serving size

1 pkg Yellow cake mix
20 oz Crushed pineapple
20 oz Cherry pie filling
1/2 C Chopped nuts (optional)
1 C Butter or margarine
Whipped topping or Ice Cream

Grease a 9x13x2" pan. Dump in undrained pineapple, swirling it around to fill corners.
Dump in pie filling and stir together until layer of fruits are even.
Sprinkle the dry cake mix over the fruit to cover it all.
Melt margarine and drizzle over top until cake mix covered. Sprinkle with nuts.
Bake at 350ยบ until browned, about 1 hour.
Serve with whipped topping or ice cream.

Variation: Chocolate cherry. Use 1 box of a chocolate cake mix and 2 cans of cherry pie filling instead of pineapple and cherry.


scrappingmama said...

My Grama LOVES Dump Cake!

CeeJay said...

After having my St. Al's cookbook since 1972, I discovered my sister Dee's recipe for this cake. She only uses cherry pie filling with lemon juice added along with that standby Jiffy White Cake mix. I made it for our crew dinner, but used canned blackberry pie filling. Can you say MINE, ALL MINE!!!!!! But I did have to share. Drat! Thanks for the recipe variation sweet Jill.

CeeJay said...

Mine was to be made in an 8x8 pan or 8 inch round pan, I am going to have to try yours for our crew dinner when we have a larger crew on hand. MMMMMMMM!