Friday, July 10, 2009

Typicial Evening in Pictures with a surprise

After work I head toward the highway and make the drive home. It's usually I fairly short drive - less than 1/2 hour and filled with cars and little to look at. Every once in a while I get to see bad things to take note of.

Guys with longer thinning hair really shouldn't ride motorcycles without a helmet.
Once home I settle in to watch a bit of NCIS, not hard to do because it's on what seems like 24/7 now a days. Bert loves to get comfortable and watch it with me.
I LOVE Abby. She's so cool! - Bert
Tonight is special. Early July means I can go out to the backyard and grab a fresh treat. This year I ignored the raspberry bushes and that seemed to be what they wanted. Have tons of raspberries this year. Here's tonight's batch before washing. YUM! Gotta get me some ice cream this weekend. I love treats.

Mom - did I hear you say 'kitty treats'? Cause if you did, you can give me some. I love me some kitty treats - Bert

There was a loud crash in the closet behind the Kitty Cottage.
I know I heard something back here. You hear anything? - Chief
Yeah, I did. Did it come from the cottage or behind it? I'll check the cottage. - Bert

Nope. Nothing in here. You see anything out there? - Bert
Nope. I think someone is playing a trick on us. Time to go back to sleeping. - Chief
After putting the camera down and actually checking out what happened I discovered the wire rack cubes in the closet that hold part of the stash sort of kind of fell apart on one side. Could it be trying to tell me the stash is getting too big?

Speaking of stash. There is something I have managed to avoid like the plague. I hover at the web site being careful to leave it before I can no longer turn back. I watch in glee while other people regale us with their stories of fiberly drugs from this place. I am stronger than they are. I can hold my own and not succumb to the pressures of these insidious people. They pretend to be friendly but NO - they want your soul. They send innocent people out to take picture of their main pusher at national monuments and places meant to be safe. They have invaded every nook and cranny of our knitting world and I SHALL NOT FALL PREY!
Oops - I fell off the wagon. I went. I saw. I bought. I made my first purchase and Loopy Ewe. They have me, I'm theirs. I surrender.

Cherry Tree Hill Select Supersock in Silent Night - a limited edition.

I tried - I really tried.........


dnaprice said...

Your first purchase from the Loopy Ewe? You are walking on the slippery slope....come join me, one who has fallen down that slope many times. :) the raspberries look yummy enjoy!

CeeJay said...

Am concentrating on counted cross stitch right now after the two years away from it. I am pretty safe from the yarn stash enhancement...maybe, that does look pretty neat, what are you going to do with it, huh? Michael's and JoAnn's are downsizing enough that I am content to go to my local hardware store in my small town and just buy floss for the charts I already have. Sitichville, USA, however, I love you!!!!! You have my drool sponge at the ready when I walk through your door.

Toni said...

A stash being too large???