Friday, August 14, 2009


It's my 5th birthday today so Mom said I could do the blog. She says she'll post another one later but this one - is mine!
Here I am practising my "what a cute kitty I am" look. It gets Mom every time. All I have to do is hear her say my name and I come running to jump up on the rocking chair at say "HI" to her. Sometimes I get treats but most of the time just a quick cuddle . I like cuddles.

Mom left a tote bag on the floor and its the best ever! I can roll on it and guess what -

It has these things that hang off it that are perfect for grabbing and playing with AND it matches my fishy.

Look - here's my fishy on the tote. Don't they look perfect together? I love my fishy.
Well, I have to get back to my busy schedule. I think Mom is going to get me a special treat for my birthday. Birthdays are fun!


dnaprice said...

Happy Birthday Bert!!!!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday Bert! Make sure your mom does something nice for you......catnip anyone??