Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cute kitties and knitting

Seems we have a full house around here.
When they aren't hanging out in the Kitty Cottage, Bert is busy trying to look cute.
He's good at it - isn't he!
There's been some UFO knitting around here. I finished some booties but I won't be posting them until they are gifted. But I've also pulled out the Mystery Shawl 3 from long ago and decided to get this puppy finished.

Knitting and computer with pattern on it.

While I knit Chief hangs out on the arm of my chair and keeps me company

Mom, why is the knitting on the computer and not in your hands? And why is there a big beige blob where you were sitting? - Chief

I must confess the big beige blob is because I was sitting at a sloppy angle with sloppy clothes on and I just didn't feel like sharing a big turquoise blob with everyone! Edited for your protect!
Knit on.

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