Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slow boat from China

I ordered something on the internet on Dec 7th. It's still not here. I went on line to check on the progress of the package and was stunned at the timing of getting it to me. Fed Ex Smartpost doesn't seem to be too smart to me.

It left California Dec 7.
Took 4 days to get to Wisconsin (Dec 12)- half way across the country. Where it hung out for a day - must have been taking a little sight seeing tour of the Milwaukee area.
The trip to the Minneapolis area must have been a tough one - it took 2 days (Dec 13-15) to make a 5 hour trip.
Once in Minneapolis my package was so excited to see our part of the country it decided to take advantage of some down time because the web site shows it is expected to be delivered Dec 18!

So to recap it takes 4 days to go approximately 2250 miles and 6 days to go 350 miles.
Something is wrong here!

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