Saturday, December 19, 2009

There's other people here!

There's a few things - well more than a few things - that really bother me about the public habits of some people. They seem to forget other people are within listening distance or within, well, smelling distance of them and seem to think the world is theirs and theirs alone. They live in a little bubble that they can see other people but other people can't see or hear or smell them.

Take lunch this week. I go out for lunch every day for a couple reasons. It's my chance to escape work for an hour and read a good book. I go to good fast food places and have a routine. Each week I hit Panera's for soup and sandwich. They have great food. I also love Panchero's - fresh wonderful burritos. LeeAnn Chin's - good Chinese. Noodles for Mac & Cheese. Dino's for falafel sandwich, and a few other places. I don't feel guilty about spending extra for lunch because supper is often some ice tea and crackers or something else equally cheap/small.

So - back to lunch. I went to Panera's and got my meal, found a table and sat down. Halfway through my sandwich a lady with a phone glued to her ear sat next to me just in time to say (quite loudly) "Was the stuff that came out of his nose green and slimy?" GIVE ME A BREAK!!! I do not need to hear about someone's nose discharge during lunch. There are several other topics I'd prefer not to listen to during lunch or in public but really - body discharge? What made this lady think anyone in the restaurant would want to listen to this while eating?

Since I'm complaining about people's public habits - we have a few people at work that way over use perfume/cologne. Men and women. You know they are coming before you see them and know where they have been long after they leave. I have very good smell and it is connected to my brain. Strong odors = headache. My "favorite" perfume habit is the bathroom trick someone at work uses. After she has used the bathroom for "those" needs and created a bit of an odor, she feels the need to spray a ton of perfume in an attempt to cover up "that" smell. Let me tell you - perfume and "that" smell do not make a good combination. The perfume does not cover anything up and only makes the entire bathroom smell 10 times worse.

I better quit complaining now or I would come up with a list so long you'd think I was the crankiest person on the planet. So - what's the one thing people do in public that drives you crazy?

Knitting or cats next post - I promise!


Cait said...

I have MANY, MANY things about people that drive me nuts. But since you brought up the phone issue, why is it necessary for people to 'yell' in a public place on their phones? Yet get them at home or any other lace, their voice goes down in volume.
Another thing are those 'Nextel phones that double as walkie-talkies and 'chirp' whenever you get an incoming. Those are the 'walkie-talkie' type phones where you don't dial, just press the chirp and the person getting the walkie-talkie chirps too. Then those people are invariabley loud talkers also.
I run an auction house kitchen, well for the next week or so anyway and I retire. Here's the thing, If you sneeze or cough, DO NOT USE YOUR HAND!
I use the inside of my shirt neckline, coat or sweater, if I can't use the elbow. I still feel that the elbow lets a lot of the 'blow-by' go beyond the joint.
tyhen those that have just coughed or sneezed in their hand reach for the coffee pot to pour themselves a cup. They have just deposited millions of bacteria on the pot handle! When I say to them, 'Please go wash yur hands bcause you just sneezed or coughed into them', 99% give me a dirty look and reach for the pot anyway.
One guy had the audacity to tell me that "we are all going to get sick anyway, so what did the HE-- did it matter anyway!" and continued to pour his coffee. When he left, the pot got dumped and into the bleach water to reside for a bit.
I am going to br giving up the kitchen after the first of the year, and it really wans't my decision, but my husbands. He kind of hit me with it one day, and I will abide by it. So January 1st auction will be my last. I am taking all my equipment out and all the shelving units as well as the small chest freezer. I will put it all into my home kitchen. Nothing says 'Decorator-assist' like stainless steel shelving in a home! LOL
Huggs, Cait

Cait said...

sorry for the mis-spellings. computer shifted and so did my fingers.
Huggs, Cait