Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring - really?

 According to the calendar it's the first day of spring so I decided to take a little drive and see what the day brought.

First, its drizzling. Guess that could be a spring thing. Up at the shopping area you can see the mountains of Minnesota off in the distance.

You say there aren't any mountains in Minnesota?! You're right. Those are the piles of gravel and rocks from the gravel pits. Whenever its foggy or misty I always thing the gravel piles look like mountains in the distance.
To be fair, they are quite tall piles but definitely not mountains.

Let's check out the lake at the end of my block.

Well, there's still ice on the lake and there's plenty of snow hanging around so that doesn't look too much like spring.

My neighborhood has one definite sign of spring - "Detour Ahead".

The highway on the other side of my block has just started a road construction. The bridge over some railroad tracks a few blocks away is being taken down and redone. That means the highway by my house is very quiet as no one can drive over the bridge and past me. It makes getting on the highway in the morning much easier because there's no rush hour traffic. The sign on the highway says till Spring 2012. It's gonna be a long year trying to get around without the bridge!

Since its drizzling out and still snow there's not much to do but stay inside and knit. So, Chief has decided to help find a new pattern for me to work on. He's so helpful!

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