Friday, March 4, 2011

There WILL be pictures

What makes a good camera? You want pictures nice and clear, something easy to use, something easy to bring places so you actually use it and more. My current camera meets most of these but it's a larger camera. When I put it in my purse to bring places, I really know its there. I got tired of the size so I started hunting for a camera with the zoom and functions of my current one but a few other things. Smaller size, maybe video on it, higher resolution - you know - the good stuff. I found it. One problem, its not available locally because it's popular enough to be sold out.

However, tomorrow I will be waiting for the FedEx driver to "make my day". My new camera will be joining the household and I will be spending the day taking way too many pictures of Chief and Bert, my knitting, close ups of dirty kitty toys, dark corners of the house. You get the picture.I'm going to test the wide angle, the 12x optical zoom, the macro zoom, the stabilization. I'm going to be a silly, happy person and ....

Yes, there will be pictures for the blog. More than you probably want to see.

Oh, I'll also get some good pictures of a couple "secret" projects that I'm sending in to one of the magazines so sorry, you won't see those.

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