Friday, February 25, 2011

Where are you from?

Last night I found a fun add-on for the blog. It listed where people who visit are from. In the 12 hours its been on the blog I already have many countries listed.

I don't know about you but I find it so amazing what the internet has done to change our view of the world. The problems in the Middle East with so many people discovering how to become their own nation instead of being ruled (and "owned") by one person. All those changes are taking place because people can find each other and organize through the internet. I hope they can all find the freedom to choose their own life as they want it to be. God bless them all for their courage to make a stand!

My world has grown so much by meeting knitters around the world and developing friendships I would NEVER have without the internet. This isn't as dramatic as creating a new government system for a nation but I live in a place where I was lucky enough to have a government of the people by the people (most of the time). So - my focus can be on knitting and my cats and simplier pleasures of life. How lucky is that!

So - people from around the world. Welcome to the blog. If you are a returning visitor - thank you. I hope to have some new patterns available shortly. I hope to have new pictures up as soon as I remember to buy batteries for the camera. But-while you're waiting, take a peak at the new visitor list on the left and see if you're the first person to visit from your country since 2/24/11 in the evening.

I've love to hear where you are from and how you found the blog so - please take a moment to send a comment. THANKS!!


Jen said...

I visit your blog from Vermont, though I was raised in Connecticut. I found you through the Rust Goes Green pattern -- I've made several!

Coggie said...

I read your blog from Michigan. I met you on the Ravelry Forums and once in person.