Saturday, February 12, 2011

Newborn Shawl

I have next week off and decided I needed something new to knit. After heading over to The Loopy Ewe website I decided I needed some lighter colored socks. Spring is coming one of these days and I just felt like I needed something to cheer my feet up. So I got some Cascade Heritage in a nice light color combo.

Since I was there and the messenger bags were on sale one happen to find it's way in to my cart. What is it with tote bags and other bags to put your stuff in. We all seem to have more than we need but keep on buying more. This one is a good size for a medium size project and has a nice padded shoulder strap.

Finally, I finished the Pi Shawl I started on Elizabeth Zimmermann's birthday (8-9-10). One thing about knit lace - it looks kind of like a newborn baby when its first finished. It's all wrinkly until you give it a little bath. Right now the shawl is tired so I'm going to let it rest overnight and it will get its bath and "grooming" tomorrow.
In the "we survived another cold front" area - today's weather in Minnesota was wonderful. Word is next week will be in the 30s possibly 40s. I'm guessing I'll see some people in shorts next week cause that's the way we do things here. One day frozen tundra, next day shorts!


Jen said...

That shawl looks pretty good to me, even if it IS tired!

Barb Nelson said...

C'mon Jill - 30 degrees is reason enough for shorts!!