Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rainy Days and Mowers Always get me Down

Back about15 years ago my Dad found a used electric lawn mower at a garage sale. It was perfect for me. I had a small yard (very small yard) and this mower was 18" wide and started with the flick of a switch - no gas needed. Actually, the switch was broken so it was plug in the cord but, same effect. It served me well. When I moved to the current house I had a bigger yard but my rusty, broken cord, broken handle held together with a metal bar and electric tape little mower was good enough for me.

This week it coughed its last. It literally made a coughing noise gave up a little puff of white smoke and died. I might have been able to get it fixed but really - it was time to say goodbye. I went shopping for a new mower and found one. I really like having an electric mower because there's no gas to run out of - I don't have to pull the cord to get it started which is perfect for my crummy shoulder. Plus, electric mowers are suppoed to be better for the environment.

One small problem. The grass is super long - the creeping charlie has taken over the yard and - it won't quit raining to let me try out the new mower.

Someone does seem to like all the grass and mess of my yard. I live a block from a lake and every year we have daily visitors. They come up to say HI to all of us and after a stop at each house they find a spot for a nap. This week my lilac bush/tree was their nap spot.

I thought I'd show my latest finished project but the projects that are done aren't blocked so here's a look at what should be a picture of my finished projects.

Maybe I'll get something done this weekend and get a project up on Matilda. It should help that's its going to rain all weekend and I can't go out and mow the lawn!

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