Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do I need a press agent?

Last winter someone who had been to our knitting group a few times called and asked if she could come and take a few pictures. We all said sure and had a fun evening knitting, posing and trying not to look like dorky ladies. She had written an article about knitting groups and hoped to get it published with pictures. Time passed and this week the article came out.

The new issue of Interweave Knits Weekend has the article. Shock of shocks there's 4 pictures of our group and I'm in 3 of them. It's an odd thing to be thinking people are looking at you all over the world. I know I'm not famous but it's kind if fun - the old "15 minutes of fame" type thing. So, anyway, I went over to grab a copy of the magazine at a shop I have been to once before. I went into the shop and asked if they had it and added, "apparently I'm in some pictures this issue." One of the ladies in the shop looked and me and said I was in the mag and that there was a picture of me with my shawl I just finished. GOOD GRIEF! This lady knows her magazines!

Last weekend I went to the Minnesota Quilter's Shop with a friend. I took many pictures but I have a new camera and I need to learn the best settings for indoor pictures. Unfortunately, many of my pictures are yellowish or blurry. This camera take incredible pics but the operator needs to learn her stuff!

The quilts are so well done. Every year I see them all and get inspired to get back to quilting but I never seem to have the time. This year's goal is to get the basement studio set up so I can just go down there and get to work instead of having to set things up before I can sew.

There was a series of wall hanging where everyone sewed a part of a river. They were hung so that the river is a continuous flow from quilt to quilt. Pretty cool.

The other thing fun to do at quilt shows and knitting shows is to people watch. I LOVE this ladies outfit. It says - I'm wearing what I want to to heck with expected fashion.

In the meantime, I need to check out what happens in the Upstate New York and Massachusetts area. I'll be going there in October to go to Rhinebeck and see friends. I can't wait!

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Christine P. said...

You were famous before your photos were published. I'm honored to know a celebrity.