Saturday, June 11, 2011

I've got Cool Friends!

Today is WWKIP Day - World Wide Knit in Public Day. Many of you have been out with friends and groups knitting away, showing the world knitting is a cool thing.

It's also International Yarn Bombing Day. A day to decoration public places with yarn.

I've done nothing so far but I had to grab a couple pictures from 2 friends to let you see what they were up to.

WWKIP - one friend sat in the Munich stadium watching her kids in a show to promote Munich getting the Winter Olympics in 2018. This was about an hour before the show and she says the stadium had many more people for the show but she continued to knit and almost finished a sock during the day. She is a wicked fast knitter!

Another friend here in town (Minneapolis) Prepared a head of time for International Yarn Bombing day and had a hat and some turtlenecks to display. LJWT (on Ravelry) got up early and gave the Mary Tyler Moore statue a proper knit hat to throw. She also put some turtlenecks on the turtles at a local fountain. Way to go LJWT!

It's still early enough in the day that I plan to get some knitting in at dinner with non-knitting friends. Hope you all day a great WWKIP day!

(hope my friends don't mind my "stealing" their pictures!)

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