Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kingdom Sweater

The past few weeks I discovered the British series, Kingdom. It stars Stephen Fry as a solicitor (lawyer) in a small town in England. This town has many quirky characters that make the show very enjoyable to watch. I found it on Netflix Instant watch if you're interested.

Anyway, Peter Kingdom has an older aunt he visits often. On one of the visits she was wearing a sweater that I am in love with. She also had a way cool knitting bag on the table next to her and a ball of yarn in her chair. This lady rocks! So I had to watch that scene multiple times and try to get a few pictures of the sweater.

The front of the sweater is very long and flowing with a wide lace band around it. The cuffs on the sleeve bell out a little bit with the same lace. The back is simple and ends at the waist. There is just something about this sweater that makes me think it would be very comfortable to wear and it looks quite elegant in the process.

While on the topic of the series Kingdom, there is one things about the series that has me upset. Like most British shows it has short seasons instead of longer season like we do. So it was 3 season but only 18 episodes. I can deal with that but the last 5 minutes of the last episode Peter Kingdom finds something out that is life changing. Yup - a cliffhanger. I shall never know how he deals with finding out that he.......... don't worry I won't give the secret out in case you decide to watch the show.

Now I'll leave you with a cliffhanger of my own. Do you think I'll actually take the 10 pictures I took of the sweater and design something similar to it or will I procrastinate and just let the pictures sit on my computer forever and look at them every few years and say - "gee, I should do something about these pictures."

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Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased to know that someone else noticed the knitting in this scene.

I just watched the first episode of Kingdom today. Like you, I immediately noticed the yarn and that beautiful bag in the aunt scene, so off I went to google to hunt for "knitting bag kingdom stephen fry". Your blog was third on the list of links. I'm so pleased to have found it!

As for your cliffhanger - I notice you're on Ravelry, so I assume you've asked on the Patterns board, but if you haven't, give it a try. Ravelers are so helpful;
I've had great luck finding answers to my "what pattern is this" questions.

And if you ever make this sweater, I want to see a picture on Ravelry!

-- Anne/Mesembryanthemum (another Raveler and Twin Citian)