Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year - New things

Happy New Year!
The year started out by giving us something we haven't seen yet this season in the Twin Cities - snow. I headed out to my friend's house last night at 8pm to a light rain and when we looked out at midnight the world had totally changed. There was heavy snow coating everything and making the world look all fresh and new.

This morning I've been getting a few things ready for the new year. First I cleared out some pictures from my camera. Back on Dec 23rd the sunrise was so amazing I had to attempt to get a few pictures as I drove to work. Unfortunately, I took pictures at the stop light and the best part of the sunrise had already passed.

Luckily, by the time I got to work things had changed up again and the sky was absolutely amazing. Now if I could just figure out how to dye yarn to look like this!

Now to more current things, today I've been packing part of the stash into plastic containers to protect it from the evil moths. I haven't seen moths for about a month but I decided better safe than sorry.

The boys have been very helpful in moving things out of the boxes and into plastic. I can always count on them.

Other new things for this year are my eyes. I have not had to wear glasses most of my life. About 5-6 years ago I joined the ranks of people needing reading glasses. I hate them. Having to put glasses on and off every 2 seconds is very irritating. I tried bifocals and they didn't work for me. I tried progressive lens - nope. So I've spent these years running around with readers on my head like a headband when I didn't need them - whipping them off when someone comes in to talk to me so I can see them. On and off all day every day. Not able to see the directions on the frozen dinner, not being able to read labels in the store when shopping. GRRRR! I know many of you know this feeling.

So, I bit the bullet and asked for options from my eye doctor. We came up with contact lens - dominate eye for regular vision, other eye for reading distance. I've been wearing them for a couple days and am still having to get my eyes used to the new way of looking at things but I think they're going to work out fine once my brain figures things out. Time will tell..... Now if I could just remember I don't have to re-adjust the glasses cause they're not there anymore! (my hand keeps going up to adjust and nothing is there)

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Jen said...

Happy new year! As soon as you figure out that dye-job, lemme know and I will buy some!