Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

Oh yeah, this is what winter is like - minus the snow but, today reminded us it's winter in Minnesota and that usually means it's stinkin' cold out there!

Not being one to want to suffer needlessly, I stayed inside. I knit, exercised (really - can you believe it!), eat minimally, and played with the boys. We haven't had a good rousing game of Fishy-Fishy for a while so Bert and I got busy with the fish.

After a while Chief got a little jealous and decided he had to join in the game. While they don't play with the same vigor they did as kittens (they're 7 & 10 years now), they did claim victory against the fishy many times.

While you're looking at the fishy pics - take a gander at the afghan on the floor. That, my friends, is a vintage piece of crochet from my hands. It's all acrylic - or maybe Orlon. Back in the day acrylic was called orlon quite frequently. Anyway - I made that afghan my first year of college so it is from 1973-1974. You will notice there are NO holes in it. I think it will survive another century or 2 the way its holding up. It gets thrown around, abused and keeps on ticking. The only thing that has really aged on it is the coloring. The denim blue color used to be royal blue. The sun kind of did a number on it but - all in all this has been a very faithful afghan!

Earlier this week I went to put on an outfit and decided I needed an accent scarf to complete the look. Unfortunately, I didn't have a scarf to match what I was wearing. Right then and there I decided to fix the situation. I have a couple colors I need to get a scarf made in and this blue/purple is first up. I had some Happy Hands Hand Dyed Yarn - fingering weight in Bell Bottom Blues for a while. It's a Merino Bamboo blend and so soft. I know I'll love it. The pattern is Precious Metals by Jackie Palmer, but I won't be adding beads.

I while back I started another scarf but this one is more one for winter. I'm hoping winter will be gone before I finish it and it will be a nice start to next winter. It's Alpaca using a pattern from the Luxury Yarns One-skein Wonders book - Nancy Pygora Merino Lace Scarf.

One more pic. I finished these socks a while back but they were stuffed into the bottom of my knitting bag and just reappeared when I was looking for the 2nd ball of yarn for the Merino Lace scarf
The socks are the toe up Monkey sock pattern and the yarn is Paca-Peds from the Alpaca Yarn Co. The yarn comes with a mini hank of a solid color to match the multi color hank. So - the cuff and toes have their own look.

Well, that's it - knitting, playing, eating (and sleeping). Hope your weekend is as relaxing.

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