Saturday, February 18, 2012

Craft Winds are shifting

I can feel it in the air - there's a new season coming. I don't mean spring, I mean quilting. The signs are there. I've seen them many times before. It's happened with stain glass work, cross stitch, quilting, so many other crafts.

First sign is starting to look at my old projects from a different craft (this time quilting). I start looking at the projects and think about "what if". I've been looking at the wall hanging in the living room thinking about what if I made a new hanging for each season. What if I made a new table runner for the coffee table. What if I made a new quilt for myself cause my current one is pretty worn out.

Next sign is checking out a few new craft books from the library. Ooh, pretty. I want to make that!

Then I start looking through my fabric stash and putting different pieces together thinking about how they'd look together in a quilt.

I hit the Quilt websites looking at new fabric, new projects, I've paged through my quilting books. I've planned trips to the quilt shops in the area. Thought about going to the International Quilt festival this fall in Houston since its been over 10 years since I've been there. Yep - all the signs are there for a new craft season.

I realized I had no picture of Bert sticking his head through the sewing machine while I tried to sew (plenty of pics of Chief and the sewing machine but he was still pretty small) and realized it's been a LONG time since I quilted.

The final sign was when I used all the money I got for working a ton of overtime the past few months and got a new sewing machine - a really cool fancy sewing machine. I think my old machine was unconsciously holding me back from quilting. It's a good machine but old and just not as fine tuned as I want for doing quilting.

I will always continue to knit but I'm guessing over the next few months some quilting will be making its way into the blog posts cause the craft winds are shifting.

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