Sunday, June 10, 2012

Knitting Freebies

Knitters like free stuff too. Don't we all? So here's some website that will give free pleasure, information, patterns and more.

Again - these are no absolutely no order other that what I happen to type first an my mind is frequently NT an orderly thing!

Ravelry - If you are a knitter and haven't heard of Ravelry, you're living without the web and you aren't reading this blog post but - I had to include Rav just in case. Free patterns, free database for your projects and yarn, free friends. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

MN Knitters Guild - Home of the annual Yarnover. This is the guild I belong to and the website has all sorts of support and resources.

Yarn Standards - The Yarn Council has put together charts of many types - yarn sizes, abbreviations, measurements. This is a site that needs to be in your favorites for reference.

Library of Knitting Stitches - Knitting on the Net has put together a quite lengthy list of knitting stitches with instructions for each.

Yarndex - Ever wonder about the gauge of a yarn or what other yarn you can use in its place? This is a database of yarn with tons of information about each including color charts.

VandA Museum - The Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kenningston, London, UK is always top on my list when I make it to the UK. It's been way too long but at least they have a great website. The knitting section includes pictures of historical knitting and free patterns from the 1940s.I you go to this site take time to hit ll the links, there's so much to discover here.

I'll do another post with more links another day.

In the meantime, Chief and Bert and sleeping more because the heat just makes them sleepy. Friday I'll be heading to the MN Quilter's show in Rochester for a little bit and meet a friend for the day. Otherwise - same ol'-same ol'..........


denise said...

Hi Jill,
Denise here, your new friend from China. I am living in MG right now for the summer and it would be fun to have coffee some time and chat.
Here is my email: backpackandpearls(at)gmail(dot) com

Jen said...

Free friends, I love it!