Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Big Annoucement and Quilting Freebies

Just as I thought - the Mom-to-be snuck in here to see if there were any hints of what's going on in my "studio". No luck for her! The blackout on all things baby and little girl continues! (tee hee)

We do have news however, the baby is officially a little boy who will be joining the family in October. Layla is excited to be a big sister if the pictures I've seen are any indication. This also means my guess was right. I've been working on things that could be for a little girl but will be best for a little boy. (that's it for a hint, Beth!)

It was actually pretty easy to guess this one would be a boy because that's the way our family goes. My generation on Mom's side is 3 families each having a boy and a girl. Then one cousin had a boy and a girl but somehow Beth's Mom missed the rulebook and had 2 girls. Now with Layla and soon-to-be brother we are back to the boy-girl way of doing things.

So, if I can't put up pictures of what I've been doing I'll amuse you with some free things on the web I've found.
(Oh- I have been making some potholders to get some practice in freemotion quilting because I haven't done that for a while so I may take a few pictures of those just for the heck of it).

First up Quilting Freebies. Next time around I'll post some knitting freebies then if I can keep this going - cooking freebies; iPad, etc. We'll see how far this goes....

Quilting Freebies - (in no particular order)

Freemotion Quilting - Leah Day has spent a great deal of time exploring free motion quilting and has posting many of the designs on her site. This site is a wealth of information for anyone wanting to try freemotion quilting.

Virtual Quilter - Judy Butcher posts daily quilt designs she creates on Electric Quilt. Not only does she have many ideas to share but there is also a free pattern area to her posts.

Quilters Newsletter - Quilters Newsletter is a magazine that I have MANY archive copies of. Their web site has current information on the magazine but also a free ebook section.

Block Central - More block patterns then you will ever know what to do with! - is a site that has been around forever. It has so many areas and each area has a guide. The Quilting section has patterns, tips, lessons, event calendars, and so much more. - Sign up for free and you'll have hundreds of free quilt patterns available to you

Bedding Measurements - Standard measurements for bedding and batting, just in case you need to know!

Of course, YouTube has all sorts of free help for quilters. Here's a few I've found and think are good quality.

Freemotion Quilting by Patsy Thompson Beginner - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Freemotion Quilting by Patsy Thompson Intermediate - Part 1 - Part 2

There's more by Patsy Thompson and I've been impressed by all of her videos so I suggest you search Patsy Thompson at youtube if you're interested in freemotion quilting.

Raw Edge Applique

Flying Geese with one Seam (Ricky Tims) There's lots of Ricky Tims videos with tons of great information!

I guess I could go on and on with what is on for lessons and inspiration but part of the fun of YouTube is searching for new videos to watch.

There are other freebies such as blogs with give aways but this list should keep the quilter in yo happy until I can put together a knitter's list of freebies.

Until then - all I can say is - if you are reading this Beth, no luck. I'm not giving any pics or clues for baby things. But I will tell you Layla is not being forgotten in the making things department. See you soon!

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