Saturday, May 26, 2012


I got up a 7am today and did some yard work. I've been a terrible home owner when it comes to the yard and let the tree seeds take root in the garden and become "tree suckers" - those weed-like trees that grow where you don't want them to. Anyway, I spent an hour pruning and sawing away to get rid of several of these trees. Good thing I got up earily cause the weather is changing.

Now it's almost 10am and the sky is dark - very dark. There's rumbling noises going on that aren't coming from my stomach (haven't had breakfast yet). But this blackout of the sky is not the blackout I'm talking about.The blackout that's happening around here is in the form of craft pictures.

My cousin's daughter (Layla's Mom) is expecting another wee one this fall We also have Layla's birthday coming up and, of course, there's always Christmas to think about.. This means things are happening around my house in the form of fiber crafts that just can't be posted on the blog. Layla's Mom and Grandma and Mom's cousin from the other side of the family check this blog out occasionally and - well - they aren't going to get any free pics of what's coming off my needles (knitting and sewing).

I'll be working on other things but this week, no pics. But, I'll leave you with a mental picture of something have invaded my brain during my shower yesterday. There's no explaining where this came from but - don't judge me too harshly.

For some reason I got a picture in my head of a line up of pigeons in grass skirts with little leis around their neck doing a hula. Quite a lovely dance line! Then over in the corner of this festival was a worm on a spit with a little tiny apple in its mouth. Don't you sometimes wonder where the line between being creative and being psychotic is?!

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Beth said...

Just checking in to get some sneak peeks! I guess I'll have to wait :)