Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another fiber weekend

This spring is ridiculous with all the fiber things going on. A few weekends ago was the Yarn Shop Hop - last weekend was Yarnover (MN Knitter's Guild event) - this weekend Twin Cities Quilt Shop Hop - next weekend Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival. Then this rolls on into the events for the summer including MN Quilter's Guild Show (this year in Rochester). It's crazy! But a good crazy.

So this weekend as I said was the Quilt Shop Hop. 9 stores around the Twin Cities put on a wonderful hop. Each shop had a quilt block and their own version of putting the 9 blocks together. There was also a treasure hunt. The name of the shop's block was a clue to what treasure to find in the store. At the end of the hop if you found all the treasures you were entered into a drawing for a prize. You also got your card stamped at each shop and if you were at all shops, that card was entered into a drawing for some pretty big prizes. Then, as if that was not enough, when you got your card stamped you had a chance to win a door prize. Prizes have not been drawn yet but I was pretty lucky with the door prizes.

At the end of the day (actually Friday night and Saturday) I bought some good stuff and won some good prizes.

Here's the pile of goodies I came home with. I decided not to buy just because "it" was cute or cool. I only bought what I could use right away (mostly). The pile of goodies on the lower left of the picture - that's all the door prizes I won! I know - that's a lot of draw prizes.

First up - a couple patterns. I'm embarrassed to say I can't remember which shop I got every prize at but the one's I remember - Santa pattern was from Fabric Town. The Spin Off pattern was from Blue Bamboo.

Then there was a fat quarter from Bear Patch Quilting. They gave everyone that came a free fat quarter. Bundle of fabric and pattern from Glad Creations. Quilt notecards from Treadle Yard Goods (I think), and the little packet to make a hexagon flower was also from Blue Bamboo.

Then there's the stuff I bought. I got some 505 spray. It's a temporary adhesive which I hear is great for putting your quilt together. Spray the back, place the batting on it. spray the batting, place the front of it. No need for all the pinning. I'll be giving this a try on the Shoo-fly quilt. The batting in the background is for that quilt also. Then there's the new quilt pounce. This little guy is great. You mark the quilt top and after you quilt the top this pounce chalk irons off. Finally, a pattern and kit. It' a long skinny snowman. I have a narrow wall at the entrance of the house that will look wonderful with a snowman to greet visitors this Christmas time. If this fits the spot as well as I hope, I'll be looking to get some of the other kits in the series for different seasons.

I got some fabric. On the left is enough to finish the back of the Shoo-fly quilt. Mlie P's came through again with just the right fabric for the quilt. On the right was - well - it was pretty and a really good price. Blue Bamboo is a shop I would never have gone to if it were not for the hop. It's fairly close to home but in an industrial park and I thought it was just mail order. When I walked in the door I was pleasantly surprised. They specialize in Asian fabrics and have a beautiful shop. The fabric on the right side of the picture was all half price and I'm thinking will become a knitting project bag.

Then there was the kitty Christmas fabric. The fat quarter was only $1.50 so how could I say no. They're just SO cute!

Finally, I added to my magazine collection. Both of them have some great quilts and inspiration for future projects.

This post has gotten long so I'll save my thoughts about all the other shops until next post. Each shop has a distinct personality and the shop hop gave me a chance to meet each of them. Until next post - I have some quilting to do.

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