Monday, May 14, 2012

Shepherd's Harvest Festival 2012

This weekend I headed over to the Shepherd's Harvest Festival at the Washington County Fairgrounds to wander around yarn and fiber critters.  Saturday was a beautiful day and everyone there seemed to be having a great time.

The Walleye chunks seemed to be very popular with long lines to get them.

Where ever there's bunnies - there's kids

And these bunnies had lots of good, soft fiber!

Lots of fiber means someone has to be around to shear the critters. This sheep got her "shave and a haircut" in no time

Llama Magic happens at the same time as Shepherd's Harvest each year

Some of the llamas appeared to need extra iron in their diet

Some llamas had "unique" hair styles

Other llamas just seemed to be happy to hang out together

Then there was this poor guy - I think it wasn't his best day

Some sheep just don't know they aren't supposed to be lapdogs. This one was bottle raised and never learned to be a sheep. She plays with the dogs at home

On the way home I had to stop for a moment to enjoy the view of the Mississippi River. What a beautiful day!

The one problem with the day was I forgot to bring my camera so I had to take all the pictures with my iphone. The pictures are definitely better than my old phone but not the quality of my camera. But - better this than nothing.

Closer to home, the work on the old Brookdale shopping area continues. Denise in China used to live around here so these pictures are for her.

Again - the iphone camera so a bit grainy. First up, looking toward the old Donaldson's area from the south west. The whole Brookdale area was cleared except the Sears building. The construction in the background is a new Walmart going up.

Here's the Walmart building from the Sears parking lot.

Another view from the same spot.

Now, its time to enjoy a week off. When I stay home I don't call it a staycation, I like to think of it as practice retirement. I've got yard work, house projects and more and that is NOT vacation. But there will be plenty of time for knitting and quilting and I hope to get the Shoo-fly quilt sandwiches together before the week is up.


NerdGirl said...

The harvest festival sure looks like fun.

Jen said...

What fun pictures! I love the lapsheep and the iron-deficient llama.